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#2 on 106 and Park for months
Award Winning Video
Directed by Meiert Avis
Produced by Jeremy Alter

Paramore "Brick by Boring Brick"

Social Distortion "MACHINE GUN BLUES"

Halestorm "Familiar Taste of Poison"

Ariana Grande "Put Your Hearts Up"

Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift "Two is Better Than One"

Bush "Sound of Winter"

Ben Harper And Relentless7 "Fly One Time"

Flyleaf "Again"

Halestorm "Love Bites"

Evanescence "What You Want"

Halestorm "HERE'S TO US"

The Pretty Reckless "You"

Take That "Greatest Day"

Orianthi and Steve Vai "Highly Strung"

Chris Cornell "Scream (Acoustic) Live in Studio"

One eskimO "Kandi"

NEW FOUND GLORY "Listen to your Friends"

New Found Glory "Radiosurgery"

WEEZER "Hang On"

Rise Against "Hero of War"

Mishon "Just a Kiss"

Sam Shelton "The Man with the Big Sombrero"


NICO VEGA "Gravity"

Colby O'Donis "I Wanna Touch You"

MINA TOBIAS "Kings & Queens"

JAKOB DYLAN "You're No Match"

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK "2 in the Morning"

Crystal Bowersox "Farmer's Daughter"

The Pretty Reckless "Just Tonight"

PRICE "Screaming Yes"

The Pretty Reckless "My Medicine" UNRATED

The Spill Canvas "OUR SONG"

HEAVEN & EARTH "No Money, No Love (Unrated Version)"

Chris Cornell "GROUND ZERO (Acoustic) Live In Studio"

The Pretty Reckless "Miss Nothing"

New Found Glory "Don't Let Her Pull You Down"

Corey Hart "Truth will set U Free"

Flipsyde "A CHANGE"